Martin Markan

Saturdays only: 1 to 5pm, November 17 - December 1, 2012
Or by appointment.

Markan's practice has evolved from printmaking into creating complex objects and site-specific installation that are provocative both visually and intellectually. The maker's underworld of intent is peripheral to the work, and the objective is to force the viewer to look sideways, triggering an avalanche of meanings. Often using humour as a distraction, the work evolves out of particular experiences, images and events, and becomes a kind of subversive narrative as the artist tries to unpack his observations. Working in 3D is a literal and figurative building up of ideas and an insistence on the importance of skill.

Left Image: Counterpoint, Mixed Media, 2009

Originally from the hamlet of Utopia, Ontario, Markan recently made the move to Saskatoon. He studied printmaking at the University of Guelph some thirty years ago.

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