late-day light
Robert Youds

Saturdays only: 1 to 5pm, September 24 - October 19, 2013
Or by appointment.

Opening: Tuesday, September 24, 5 to 8 pm

His art practice re-versions our existing notion of space, time, urbanism, history, and abstraction. He holds the experience of the percipient as a key determinant in this process of negotiation around the artwork and its contextual atmosphere. This involves making primary structures that share overlapping jurisdictions of painting, sculpture, design and architecture, layered with fresh communicative possibility.

Left Image: Robert Youds, Friday (2006)
Re-versioned C-print, 2013

Robert Youds received a BFA from the University of Victoria (1978), and a MFA from York University, Toronto, Ontario, (1982). He is Professor of Visual Arts at the University of Victoria. His artworks have been exhibited in major public institutions such as: Site Santa Fe; National Gallery of Canada, Confederation Centre Art Gallery; Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico; Vancouver Art Gallery;Art Gallery of Ontario; Edmonton Art Gallery; Art Gallery of Greater Victoria; Southern Alberta Art Gallery; and the Power Plant.

List of Works: Download