Niall McClelland & Sean Weisgerber

Saturdays only: 1 to 5pm, September 12 – October 4, 2014
Or by appointment.

Opening: Friday September 12, 7 to 10pm

Passengers features Niall McClelland from Toronto and Sean Weisgerber from Saskatoon. Both artists engage in labour intensive processes often using cast-off materials and infusing them with personal history. McClelland’s drawings made with ink jet printer cartridges and sharpies revel in the use of simple materials to create coloured surfaces of astonishing visual effect. Hypnotic repetitions marry the mechanics of printing with the handmade. Weisgerber’s painting reduces hard form to basic structure. By masking off parts of the exhibition space and spraying over these lines to “vaporize” them, he reveals the space where skin and bone meet. Equally, his dipped spikes are sliced off to peel away the core structure. Chance, failures and the misuse of materials are transformed into potent fodder for both artists.

Left Image: Niall McClelland, Flip
24x30”, sharpie marker on bamboo paper, 2014

Niall McClelland lives and works in Toronto. He has a BDES from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Some recent solo and group exhibitions include Envoy Enterprises (New York), P.P.O.W (New York), Eleanor Harwood (San Francisco), Gallery Nosco (London) and Plug-in ICA (Winnipeg). His work has been published in ArtNews, Modern Painters and Canadian Art, among others. He is represented in Canada by Clint Roenisch Gallery (Toronto).

Sean Weisgerber is a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Currently based in Saskatoon, his work has recently been shown at the Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon), Cooper Cole Gallery (Toronto) and the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa). He was a finalist in the 2013 RBC Painting Competition. His next solo exhibition in September is at Wil Aballe Art Projects, Vancouver.

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